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Quang Ninh: Tien Yen expanded to meet class-IV urban criteria

09:50 | 04/07/2020

(Construction) - On July 2nd, Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van chaired the meeting of appraising the Proposal for recognizing the extension of Tien Yen town to meet the criteria of category IV. The appraisal council evaluated the proposal of 88.5 points.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van chaired the meeting.

The proposal for recognizing Tien Yen expanded town to meet class-IV urban criteria had been highly appreciated by the appraisal council. The proposal implemented in accordance with the process and procedures, ensuring a fully legal basis, acquired and explained the previous opinions of the ministries and branches and in line with the national urban development orientation of districts and provinces. However, the members of the appraisal council still contributed some additional ideas for the locality to review and complete the Proposal better.

Concluding the meeting, Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van summarized the comments of the appraisal council and emphasized a number of tasks for Tien Yen to complete. Because the plan has been approved since 2016, the locality should revise for suitable with the current development. Tien Yen also should pay special attention to attracting many investors, focusing on effective land use and environmental protection in parallel with urban and socio-economic development tasks.

By Khanh Phuong


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