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Nearly 20,000 rooftop solar power projects installed

11:07 | 10/08/2020

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has announced that nearly 20,000 rooftop solar power projects with a combined capacity of 541.66 MWp were installed nationwide in the past seven months.

Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

So far, more than 41,180 of such have been put into operation throughout the country with a total capacity of 925.8 MWp.

In January-July, the company produced and imported 142.47 billion kWh, up 2.09 percent against the same period last year, of which hydropower was 29.22 billion kWh (down 20.52 percent), coal thermal power 80.87 billion kWh (up 14.54 percent), gas turbines 22.4 billion kWh (down 15.36 percent), oil thermal power 1.03 billion kWh (up 33.11 percent), and renewable energy (wind power, solar power, and biomass power) 6.33 billion kWh.

The EVN reported that in the seven-month period, the commercial electricity rose 2.3 percent to 122.69 billion kWh.

It also launched the construction of 81 electricity works and completed the connection of 63 others to the national power grid.



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