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Ministry of Infrastructure appreciates essential workers

12:42 | 31/05/2020

(Construction) - Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Yoshikazu Akaba issued a message of appreciation to essential workers who are devoted to fulfilling their missions and responsibilities while COVID-19 infection spreads.

ministry of infrastructure appreciates essential workers
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Yoshikazu Akaba

It is necessary to maintain the function inn many fields such as public works and public transportation even on the state of emergency. Mr. Akaba, on behalf of all officials of the ministry, praised the worker’s bravery and contribution.

Minister Akaba also appreciated the works at the site of the disaster-stricken area, which was severely damaged by the recent natural disasters, saying, "People who are involved in the reconstruction works are in the front line day and night while sweating on their forehead with an aim to complete recovery and reconstruction before the typhoon season starts. He pledged that the ministry will give every effort to restore the situation in normal as soon as possible while extending his gratitude to essential workers. (2020/05/18)

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