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Ministry of Construction: property price increases despite Covid-19 epidemic

10:57 | 09/01/2021

(Construction) - On January 8, Deputy Minister of Construction Le Quang Hung chaired the regular press meeting on the occasion of Lunar New Year 2021.

A view of meeting.

At the event, reporters raised questions surrounding issues: The reason for real estate price raising in all segments and localities despite the Covid-19; Progress of renovating old condominiums is still slow; Divestment in State-owned enterprises; Concerned about gaps in construction permit exemption for rural housing works; Supporting mechanisms to protect and renovate villas with French ancient architecture.

In conclusion, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung admitted, 2020 was a relatively difficult year for all industries, not just the construction industry. However, overcoming difficulties, Vietnam still achieved a growth rate of about 3%, with the construction industry growing over 4%.

In the year 2021, the Ministry of Construction set specific plans to complete important tasks including to improve the institution and law of the construction industry; Improve the efficiency of construction investment management, quality of construction works; Basically solve the demand for housing for the people; Development of building materials as a strong economic sector ...

By Khanh Phuong


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