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Japan’s Shimizu develops new construction method of 3D curved glass façade

13:14 | 06/09/2021

(Construction) - Japanese construction companies Shimizu Corporation has developed a three-dimensional curved glass screen construction method that enables the construction of glass facade with curved surfaces. 

Curved glass parts made of chemically strengthened laminated glass are bonded and connected using a point support structure. The structure of the supporting members is optimized to ensure workability and quality. The new system makes it possible to construct a glass facade with complex curved shapes, which has been difficult in the past, and dramatically increases the degree of freedom in designing architectural facades.

Japan’s Shimizu develops new construction method of 3D curved glass façade

A full-scale mock-up of 5 meters in length and 3 meters in width was constructed at the company’s technical research center in Tokyo. The model will be used to check the effectiveness of the construction. The company will verify the strength of the structure against earthquakes and wind pressure through a full-scale performance test, and propose its application to the project.

The construction method utilizes a computer-based design method and metal printing technology for the fabrication of support members. A metal support part that best fits the curved surface of the glass member is manufactured in one piece. The shape of the completed part is measured with a 3D scanner to confirm the accuracy of the fabrication before installation. During installation, the joint point between the glass member and the support metal is fixed with structural adhesive. This makes it easy to ensure construction accuracy and reduces the time and effort required for installation.

With the spread of computational design methods, the use of glass facades with 3D curved surfaces is increasing. However, glass facades with 3D curved surfaces require high construction accuracy, and it has been an issue how to reduce the high cost compared to flat glass facades. (2021/08/26)

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