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Japan PM Kishida pledges support for decarbonization in Asia at COP26

09:15 | 12/11/2021

(Construction) - Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addressed the world leaders summit of the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26).

Japan PM Kishida pledges support for decarbonization in Asia at COP26

He expressed his intention to provide up to 10 billion dollars over the next five years to support the decarbonization of the Asian region as a measure to combat climate change. “Japan will promote the transition to clean energy, especially in Asia, and create a decarbonized society," said Mr. Kishida.

PM Kishida explained the government's goals, including carbon neutrality by 2050 and a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2013, and expressed his commitment to the goals. He called on all countries to be highly ambitious and to do their utmost together.

The developed countries as a whole had set a goal of contributing 100 billion dollars every year to measures against climate change by 2020, but failed to achieve this goal. In light of this, Prime Minister Kishida pledged additional support. The leaders of various countries also announced an increase in the amount of contributions.

While the move to eliminate thermal power generation is gaining momentum, especially in Europe, Prime Minister Kishida stressed the need to make existing thermal power plants zero emission. He stated that Japan would focus on promoting technologies to reduce emissions, such as co-firing with ammonia.COP26 is scheduled until November 12th. After the summit meeting, negotiations will be held at the administrative and ministerial levels on specific themes such as finance and energy. (2021/11/05)

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