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Difficulty removal for the business to promote economic development

09:05 | 25/10/2021

(Construction) – For economic recovery after the Covid-19 epidemic, on October 22, at the Southern Agency, Deputy Minister of Construction Bui Hong Minh chaired a conference on difficulty removal for the business and people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and socio-economic development promotion in the South.

Deputy Minister of Construction Bui Hong Minh chaired the event.

Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh emphasized that “The Ministry of Construction shares the difficulties, loss of property, people and injuries during the pandemic. On that basis, the Ministry will find solutions for difficulty removal and economic development promotion”.

Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh affirmed that in order to share difficulties and solve problems quickly, many recommendations of the delegates, the Ministry of Construction submits to the Prime Minister and meetings of the relevant ministries. The Ministry of Construction will study and proposes a number of issues, especially the issue of direct costs during the anti-epidemic period.

The Deputy Minister added that many problems of the construction industry have been coordinated by the Ministry of Construction with ministries and branches to solve difficulties as quickly as possible for businesses and people.

By Khanh Phuong


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