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16 Japanese construction companies team up to develop on-site robots

18:21 | 28/09/2021

(Construction) - Sixteen Japanese general contractors, including Kajima Corporation, Takenaka Corporation, and Shimizu Corporation, are collaborating on technology development in the fields of robotics and the Internet of Things.

16 Japanese construction companies team up to develop on-site robots.

The Construction RX Consortium was established on September 22. The consortium aims to address common issues in the construction industry such as the declining working population, by improving productivity using robots. The companies will cooperate on basic research and technology development to reduce costs and labor while allocating their management resources to areas where they can demonstrate their unique capabilities. It is expected to increase productivity and create a healthier competitive environment.

The launching meeting of the consortium was held in Tokyo on the same day. At the inaugural press conference, the Chairman of the consortium explained the background of the organization, saying, "With the number of construction robots produced by general contractors, it has been difficult to recover development costs through mass production, and high prices have hindered the spread. By working together to develop robots, we will be able to reduce research and development costs and robot prices. We aim to improve productivity at the construction site and accelerate the use of robots.”

The consortium consists of 16 companies in the field of construction-related technology, including robotics, mechanical devices, software, and IoT technology. Kajima and Takenaka had been working on the remote control of tower cranes. In 2020, Shimizu joined the partnership. Several other contractors have approached the three companies to join the framework, and they have been considering ways to expand it. (2021/09/24)

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