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Urban ropeway opens in Yokohama Bay Area

16:22 | 03/05/2021

A ropeway built by Osaka-based amusement facility developer Senyo Kogyo opened on April 22nd in the Minato Mirai 21 district in Yokohama City.

Opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of the company, Yokohama City Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, and others. President Yamada said at the ceremony, "We will do our best to operate the cabin with safety as our first priority so that it will be loved by the citizens and contribute to the development of Yokohama". "I hope that many citizens will enjoy the ride in the air as a new accent to the ever-growing Yokohama waterfront area," said Ms. Hayashi.

Urban ropeway opens in Yokohama Bay Area.

Yokohama Air Cabin will connect the station square at the east exit of Sakuragi-cho Station with Canal Park at Shinko Wharf, a distance of about 630 meters, in about five minutes. The route is on the sea along the train road, with two stops, one in front of Sakuragi-cho Station and the other at the Canal Park.

The ropeway is manufactured and assembled by Nippon Cable. The marine foundation was constructed by Toa Corporation. The station building was designed by Yamashita Sekkei and constructed by PS Mitsubishi. The lighting plan was supervised by renowned lighting designer Motoko Ishii. (2021/04/23)

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