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Tokyo metro government unveils Tokyo Bay Area development strategy for 2040

11:54 | 04/12/2021

(Construction) - Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be putting more effort into urban development in the  Bay area.

It is considering inviting multiple functions to underutilized land in parallel with infrastructure development, promoting private sector investment, and the concentration of research facilities. The goal is to build a sustainable city by the 2040s that can cope with climate change and other risks while maintaining harmony with the seaside and green environment.

The plan was revealed in a draft of "Tokyo Bay eSG Urban Development Strategy," which is currently inviting public comments with an aim to be completed in March 2022. The plan includes the future vision of the waterfront subcenter and other areas in 50 to 100 years from now. According to the draft, the city will focus on utilizing underdeveloped land in anticipation of the opening of the new Central Tokyo and Rinkai Area Subway Line, which is planned to be built between Tsukiji and the waterfront subcenter. The metro government hopes to make use of the land in Toyosu and Harumi to create a center for sports, entertainment, and accommodation.

Tokyo metro government unveils Tokyo Bay Area development strategy for 2040.

Tokyo aims to establish a system to receive proposals from the private sector and to encourage development in the area including the public spaces. It will induce development projects that can accurately respond to the ever-changing needs of the society. The Maritime City with concentration of cutting-edge research facilities will become a base for innovation. In addition to technological innovation, efforts will be made to convert buildings to wooden structures and to decarbonize the city.

In order to secure waterfront space, the tidelands around Kasai Rinkai Park will be preserved. The plan aims to create a waterfront space where people can stroll around the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic venues. Anti-disaster measures such as construction of high-standard levees are also to be promoted. (2021/11/26)

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