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The Ministry of Construction gathers feedback on the Draft Law on Water Supply and Drainage

18:18 | 21/05/2024

(Construction) – On May 17 in Ha Noi, the Ministry of Construction hosted a workshop to collect feedback on the draft Law on Water Supply and Drainage. Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van attended and delivered a speech at the event.

The workshop was attended by numerous delegates from various ministries and central branches, local authorities, domestic and international enterprises, as well as experts and scientists.

The Ministry of Construction gathers feedback on the Draft Law on Water Supply and Drainage
The Ministry of Construction gathers feedback on the Draft Law on Water Supply and Drainage

According to Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van, the tasks for managing and developing water supply and drainage systems remain significant. He emphasized the need to focus on specific tasks such as institutionalizing water supply and drainage within state management; reviewing and adjusting development orientations to meet new requirements; ensuring safe and sustainable water supply and drainage; regulating relationships in service provision; and managing water supply and drainage services comprehensively.

The Ministry of Construction hopes to receive support and active participation from delegates in providing feedback on whether the draft Law effectively reflects the three policies approved by the National Assembly. Additionally, it seeks to address the shortcomings, limitations, and challenges facing the water supply and drainage sector, and to ensure that the law is synchronized and consistent with current legislation to guarantee its effective enforcement and efficiency.

At the workshop, delegates provided numerous practical opinions and shared their experiences in the field of water supply and drainage. They requested that the Drafting Committee clarify several specialized terms and emphasized the need to align the Law on Water Supply and Drainage with the Law on Environmental Protection, particularly regarding regulations related to drainage sludge management. Delegates also called for clearer regulations on water supply connection points for fire prevention and firefighting.

Additionally, delegates highlighted the importance of simplifying bidding procedures and establishing criteria for the experience and specialized expertise of leaders managing water supply and drainage enterprises. They suggested stipulating a minimum time for project handover upon completion, as actual handover often takes an extended period. Other recommendations included developing a PPP model contract for the water supply and drainage sector, adopting water resource approaches based on river basins, focusing on the sustainable management of water resources with an emphasis on wastewater reuse, and regulating responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of water sources.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van expressed his gratitude to the delegates for taking the time to attend and providing valuable comments to help the Drafting Committee further refine the draft Law on Water Supply and Drainage. He emphasized that in the coming period, the Ministry of Construction will continue to conduct extensive consultations with ministries, branches, localities, organizations, businesses, and the public to ensure the draft Law is completed with high quality and in accordance with the planned schedule.

By Khanh Phuong- Phuong Anh


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