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Symbol bridge of reconstruction from Japan earthquake almost completes

12:15 | 30/05/2020

(Construction) - Kesennuma Bay Bridge, a symbol of reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake is nearing completion. The last girder of the bridge was placed on May 23 in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the tsunami in 2011.

A steel block of 130 tons, 15 meters long, and 2 meters thick was carried by a barge from 9:15 pm. The hoisting by a crane and installing of the piece was finished approximately one hour later from the beginning of the work. The contractors will join the last girder with connecting girders by the end of June. After the pavement work and ancillary work finished, the full completion is expected in December.

Symbol bridge of reconstruction from 2011 East Japan earthquake almost completes

March 11th of the next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the devastating disaster. The bridge is not only expected to become a new landmark in the region but to contribute to improvement of the lives of citizens and the tourism. (2020/05/26)

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