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Shimizu Corporation initiates "Smart Hospital Concept" at Omi Medical Center in Shiga Prefecture

19:53 | 05/12/2023

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation has embarked on the realization of the "Smart Hospital Concept" using its building operating system, "DX-Core," at Seikokai Omi Medical Center in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

The company has initiated data integration between the medical and facility systems at the hospital, aiming to implement the use of DX-Core for tasks such as in-house transportation of prescription drugs using robots in the fiscal year 2023.

Shimizu Corporation initiates
Shimizu Corporation initiates "Smart Hospital Concept" at Omi Medical Center in Shiga Prefecture

Amidst the surge in labor costs, many medical institutions heavily rely on manpower for healthcare services, and despite the introduction of multiple medical systems, data integration remains a challenge. Addressing these issues, Shimizu has presented the "DX-Core Smart Hospital Concept," envisioning a future focused on enhancing healthcare quality and improving revenue.

As the concept materializes, outpatient wait times for reception, consultations, and examinations are reduced. Healthcare and administrative staff can alleviate their workload through robotic assistance, leading to potential reductions in utility expenses.

In the fiscal year 2023, the project includes the utilization of service robots for in-house transportation of prescription drugs, staff cleaning instructions based on toilet odor sensors, and the operation of HVAC and elevator systems adjusted according to the AI-recognized congestion level in waiting rooms. Additionally, plans include the introduction of an AI monitoring system to oversee the movements of patients in beds who have undergone anesthesia, enhancing medical safety. (2023/11/17)

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