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Newly appointed Deputy Ministers pledge their efforts to develop infrastructure

15:36 | 18/10/2020

(Construction) - Deputy Ministers of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism newly appointed by the cabinet led by Prime Minister Yoshide Suga held the press conference on October 14th at the ministry in Tokyo.

Deputy Minister Onishi (left), Deputy Minister Iwai

Deputy Minister Shigeki Iwai, who is in charge of the real estate industry and the construction economy, expressed his willingness to improve the environment for more attractive construction industry. Mr. Iwai pointed out "in the near future, the number of workers is expected to decrease due to the mass retirement of the elderly people." To secure young employees, "We will strengthen our efforts to improve the productivity. "

He said that he would "work hard to improve labor conditions" including the appropriate wage level of construction workers. In addition to creating an environment where young people can work comfortably, the ministry will promote measures to accept foreign workers with specific skills.

Deputy Minister Hideo Onishi, who is in charge of the national land policy, expressed his intention to make every effort to improve the infrastructure network. Mr. Onishi said, "From the medium to long-term viewpoint, we will secure the necessary and sufficient budget for development of the resilient society." by strategically promoting infrastructure development that are directly linked to regional revitalization.

In the road field, he pointed out that "due to the frequent large-scale disasters, there is a need for roads that will not disrupt traffic even in the event of a disaster." He also  emphasized that deterioration of infrastructure is "the extremely urgent challenge. We need to accelerate our measures." He added that the ministry will continue financial and technical support to road managers such as local governments. (2020/10/15)

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