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Narita International Airport unveils plans for new terminal complex

08:52 | 15/02/2024

(Construction) - Narita International Airport Corporation has revealed details regarding the envisioned "New Narita Airport Plan", which aims to consolidate the existing terminals at the airport.

The proposed design outlines the facility dimensions for the new passenger terminal and the imagery for a new station. The estimated total floor area of the new terminal ranges from 1 to 1.2 million square meters. Additionally, plans include the incorporation of a new station connecting to the new passenger terminal. The corporation anticipates finalizing recommendations by summer and President Akihiko Tamura expressed the intention to further deliberate with various stakeholders based on these proposals.

Narita International Airport unveils plans for new terminal complex
Narita International Airport unveils plans for new terminal complex

The main building of the new terminal, considering functional areas such as departure lobbies, retail spaces, security checkpoints, and immigration counters, is estimated to have a construction area of approximately 150,000 to 200,000 square meters. The fixed number of gates will increase from the current 70 to 100, accommodating up to 500,000 annual arrivals and departures. The overall floor space is being further examined to be more compact.

Two proposed shapes for the new terminal are the "pier type" and the "satellite type." These designs will be evaluated based on passenger convenience and operational functionalities, with further refinements expected.

The potential site for the new passenger terminal is located south of the existing Terminal 2, with plans for phased development. In the initial phase, half of the new passenger terminal will be constructed south of Terminal 2, with provisional connections to Terminals 2 and 3. Operations for a new station linking to the new terminal are also being considered. (2023/02/08).

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