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Ministry of Construction met online to direct implementation of Lao National Assembly project

19:43 | 25/03/2020

(Construction) - In the context of an acute respiratory disease caused by Corona virus, on the afternoon of March 20 at the Ministry of Construction, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung chaired an online meeting on progress of building Lao National Assembly House with Project Management Board, 11th Army General Contractor (Ministry of Defense), Institute of Construction Science and Technology.

 Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung chaired the online meeting.

Reported at the meeting, the representative of the 11th Army General Contractor said that many items of the building began to enter the stage of finalization. However, the complicated movement of the Covid-19 epidemic had a significant impact on the supply of materials and equipment (ventilation, electricity, cement, tiles, etc.) for the project.

In addition, from now until Lao New Year (April 30) there will be a large number of Laotians abroad, including those who are located in areas affected by water repellent, so the Lao Government has taken measures to tighten, control and isolate all cases from foreign countries entering Laos, banning goods border, including Vietnam. This also makes it difficult to transport goods and bring the labor force from Vietnam to Laos as well as the supply of materials from the affected areas. All of the above factors will affect the construction schedule, construction of Lao National Assembly House project ...

Under the above situation, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung requested the General Contractor of the project to have a solution to overcome difficulties arising from the Covid-19 epidemic; There are preventive measures inside and outside the building if unfortunate workers are infected to safely isolate; Being well prepared for force majeure situations can delay the project progress ...

The Ministry of Construction will send a written report to the Steering Committee for building the Lao National Assembly House to give opinions, propose solutions, create conditions in goods clearance for early provision of supplies, equipment, medical assistance and procedures for issuing official visas, and staying visas for officials and workers in order to meet the progress of the project.


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