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Ministry of Construction implement key tasks in last 3 months of 2021

09:55 | 16/10/2021

(Construction) - On October 15 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Construction held a briefing session on the implementation of September and October tasks and the last 3 months of 2021.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi praised the efforts of the units, civil servants, public employees and workers of the construction industry who have united and determined to overcome difficulties, challenges to best accomplish the political goals and tasks.

An overview of the meeting

Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi guided that in the last 3 months of 2021, the construction industry will continue to strengthen and focus heavily on research and development of legal documents, complete institutions and policies in the field of construction.

At the same time, the Minister requested the units under the Ministry to actively coordinate with localities to review the system of regulations related to the appraisal and granting of construction permits; architectural planning; urban development; quality of construction works and other related matters.

By Khanh Phuong


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