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Kim Bang urban area, Ha Nam province meets the criteria for the class IV

10:08 | 20/10/2023

(Construction) - On October 19, the Ministry of Construction organized a conference to evaluate the proposal Kim Bang urban area, Ha Nam province as the criteria for the class IV urban area. Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van chaired the conference.

According to the representative of Kim Bang district, in recent times, the district has focused on implementing planning, construction management and urban development investment. In 2021, issued the Resolution on building Kim Bang district to become the urban area before 2025; Implement procedures for planning 1/2000 scale subdivisions of functional subdivisions under Kim Bang Urban General Planning; thereby attract capable investors to participate in implementing urban and socio-economic development projects in the district.

Kim Bang urban area, Ha Nam province meets the criteria for the class IV
Overview of the conference

The council members commented to local attention a number of issues on exploiting the potential and advantages of the district, especially the strengths of industry and tourism, in which tourism development should to be associated with industrial development and environmental protection; promote urban development associated with improving people's lives; pay attention to promulgating urban management regulations, clearly identifying resources...

Besides, the district should focus on traffic infrastructure, strengthen management and investment in sidewalks, flower gardens, and parks; The development gap between the urban core area and the rest is not synchronous, lack of effective connection elements; Pay attention to the issue of arranging commune-level administrative units, ensur regulations on the organization and improvement of urban areas as well as for the goal to form the township in the future.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van noted that Kim Bang has many advantages in terms of geographical location, transport and great potential for industrial and tourism development; However, the district should review and recalculate urban land targets; Upgrade social infrastructure, develop housing, in addition to commercial housing and worker housing to attract and retain workers, residents as well as tourists to contribute to increasing the population size.

The Deputy Minister requested the locality to gather comments of members of the Appraisal Council to identify solutions and improve the low targets to supplement and complete the content of the Project. Regarding to the issue of merging commune-level administrative units, the Deputy Minister noted that localities should reconsider the issue of inner cities and suburbs; Have more specific plans on implementation resources, consider budget support from the province...

The Appraisal Council agreed to approve the proposal in recognizing Kim Bang urban area as the class IV with an average score of 82.98 points.

By Khanh Phuong


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