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Keikyu construction completes office building by Female-Led Team in Tokyo

10:01 | 01/03/2024

(Construction) - In December 2023, an office managed by female construction mangers and designers from Keikyu Construction was completed in Ota Ward, Tokyo.

The project was staffed by members of "Keikyu Komachi-kai," the group consisting of female employees. The design process consciously incorporated a female perspective, proposing specifications for buildings conducive to women's work.

The completed structure is a building affiliated with the Keikyu Electric Railway Group, with a total floor area of 246 square meters. The design considered aspects such as color schemes for walls and floors and the layout of rooms to segregate the movement of men and women, aiming to create a comfortable workplace environment for female employees.

Keikyu construction completes office building by Female-Led Team in Tokyo
Keikyu construction completes office building by Female-Led Team in Tokyo

Takumi Takahashi, a chief engineer who was involved in the project, expressed satisfaction at the completion without accidents, stating gratitude for the opportunity to lead the site as a female director. She further expressed aspirations to leverage this experience to diligently fulfill assigned tasks regardless of scale. Similarly, another female employee, a chief of the Architecture Department expressed appreciation for the supportive environment, where employees of the same generation from Keikyu Komachi-kai could collaborate on construction projects and seek advice on minor matters. She hopes to be engaged in various projects to promote an image of a workplace where both men and women can thrive.

Keikyu Construction primarily engages in railway construction, involving numerous night shifts. The company initiated the recruitment of female technical staff in the fiscal year 2016. The completed building marks the first instance where a female technical staff member of the company serves as a chief engineer. The company plans to consider further internal regulations to accommodate women and continue efforts towards a sustainable construction industry in the future. (2024/02/21)

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