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Japanese pipe maker starts training of Vietnamese construction technical interns

10:56 | 15/06/2021

(Construction) - Tokyo-based pipe manufacturer SHINTECH has started a support business to provide education and training for foreign technical intern trainees specializing in plumbing.

In response to requests from the plumbing industry, the company will offer education of Japanese language and technical training of plumbing in Vietnam. The program is designed to reduce the burden on the host companies and help them secure skilled workers. The first five technical trainees given training at SHINTECH are currently working at construction sites in Japan. In the future, the company aims to send 100 trainees a year.

japanese pipe maker starts training of vietnamese construction technical interns
Japanese pipe maker starts training of Vietnamese construction technical interns.

The company has established a local subsidiary in Vietnam, Shinwa VN, and opened an education and training facility in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019. The company has formed a business alliance with the PFF Cooperative, a technical internship supervisory organization, to establish a system for accepting trainees into Japan.

The trainees will receive four months of Japanese language education and one and a half months of plumbing training in Vietnam, where they will learn a series of processes including basic responses required at construction sites in Japan such as safety activities, names and handling of tools, basic plumbing work, and water pressure testing. After entering Japan, the trainees will undergo another month of training before being assigned to a job.

The companies that receive the trainees say that the burden of educating them about basic knowledge and safety and health measures has been reduced. President of SHINTECH Hiroshi Yamaguchi said, "There is a noticeable shortage of craft workers on the job site. We want to reduce the burden on the work site as much as possible." (2021/06/10)

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