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Japanese Land Ministry promoting digital transformation of urban planning

18:50 | 26/12/2020

(Construction) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan is promoting digital transformation in the field of urban development. The ministry launched a project to establish 3D digital models for 56 cities nationwide. 

A dedicated website for “Project Plateau” was opened on December 22nd, where the 3D model of the 23 wards of Tokyo was released. After adding models and examples, it plans to convert it to open data by the end of March 2021. The ministry will also formulate guidelines and support the creation and utilization of 3D city models by local governments.

Japanese Land Ministry promoting digital transformation of urban planning.

It will be able to simulate and analyze various issues in the urban planning such as disaster prevention, environment preservation, and transportation with a 3D city model, and reflect the results in the urban policy. The ministry aims to realize optimized urban development based on integrated plans, human-centered development with citizen participation and activity-based agile urban development.

The 3D model will be constructed by integrating the 2D map and the shape information such as buildings and streets acquired by aerial survey. By overlaying the flood inundation map on the 3D city model, it can be used for anti-disaster policy making. (2020/12/23)

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