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Japanese firm Chodai Aiming to Realize Floating City on Sea Surface

16:44 | 04/01/2022

(Construction) - Japanese engineering consulting firm Chodai has jointly developed a technology with a Hyogo Prefecture-based start-up Waterfront Real Estate to build a floating city on an artificial ground on the sea surface.

The artificial ground consists of detachable modules, with air layers and foundation piles installed in the ground. The company plans to conduct a full-scale experiment in the Seto Inland Sea in western Japan in 2023, which is expected to give momentum to its offshore wind power business using artificial ground.

The modules of artificial ground will be 20 to 25 meters long on each side. The floating ground will be constructed in a hexagonal shape and buildings can be placed on it. Air layer in a rubber balloon will be installed to cover the bottom of the artificial ground. Foundation piles will also be installed to stabilize the modules.

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Japanese firm Chodai Aiming to Realize Floating City on Sea Surface.

The two firms conducted experiments from June to October in collaboration with Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo. They plan to start a demonstration experiment using a full-scale module in 2023 with an aim for practical use.

The companies have proposed a water pavilion at the Japan International Exposition (Osaka-Kansai Expo) scheduled to be held in 2025. Based on the results of the experiment, they aim to launch an offshore wind power generation business. (2021/12/27)

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