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Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation launches "Safety Academy" to enhance on-site awareness

10:59 | 24/02/2024

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation has launched the "Safety Academy," aimed at employees with limited on-site management experience, to simulate disaster scenarios occurring in construction sites.

The academy, situated in Kounosu City, Saitama Prefecture, offers a diverse curriculum, including simulated disaster experiences using VR technology, as well as practical exercises with mobile cranes and backhoes. Through these initiatives, the program aims to provide education beneficial for daily safety management and instruction, fostering a keen sense of awareness among workers.

Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation launches
Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation launches "Safety Academy" to enhance on-site awareness

In its inaugural year, the academy targets field staff in their second to fourth year of employment, with approximately 600 participants expected. The course spans two days, during which participants engage in simulated experiences involving ten types of hazards, such as falls, flying or falling objects, machinery-related incidents, electric shocks, and cuts or abrasions. Outdoor activities involve hands-on experience with actual machinery like backhoes, providing insights into equipment capabilities and operator visibility while emphasizing the importance of safety mechanisms.

During the first session of the Safety Academy on January 22-23, ten individuals participated, followed by nineteen attendees in the subsequent session on February 1-2. On the second day of the sessions, Head of the Safety Headquarters of the company delivered a safety lecture, emphasizing the company's role in supervising sites to prevent accidents, even for first-year employees. The executive stressed the necessity of anticipating potential risks and implementing proactive safety measures to safeguard workers, encouraging participants to heighten their sensitivity to hazards through simulated accident experiences. He concluded with words of encouragement, expressing high hopes for the attendees' growth and development. (2024/02/05)

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