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Japan publishes Smart City Planning Guidebook for ASEAN cities

21:54 | 15/07/2022

(Construction) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan has published a guidebook on how to realize smart cities as part of its "SmartJAMP" program to promote smart city exports to the ASEAN region.

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The guidebook introduces the know-how and advanced cases studies that have been cultivated in Japan and overseas. The publication is expected to be useful to governments and cities in their efforts to develop smart cities. It is available on the website of the Japan Association for Smart Cities in ASEAN, JASCA at https:/

The guidebook, which was released on June 27, is called ASEAN Smart City Planning Guidebook. It was created targeting at 26 cities in 10 countries that are members of ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN). The contents begin with a summary of the significance of realizing smart cities in line with ASEAN's goals: inclusive and equitable growth; housing and homes; personal safety and security; water, waste, and sanitation; mobility; urban resilience; education. The report also explains how to proceed with each stage of the initiatives, including the establishment of an implementation system, securing funding, citizen participation, and setting key performance indicators. It was prepared based on the "Smart City Guidebook" formulated by the Cabinet Office last April. (2022/06/30)

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