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Japan PM Kishida announces 500 billion Yen support for infrastructure development in water sector in Asia Pacific Region

19:44 | 15/05/2022

(Construction) - The 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS) was held in Kumamoto City on April 23 and 24, with the participation of leaders from the Asia Pacific region to discuss water issues.

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida delivered a speech at the summit and he announced in his speech a plan to provide approximately 500 billion yen over the next five years to support the development of high-quality infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific region. The government will promote both climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, and efforts to improve the living environment, utilizing expertise and technology the nation has cultivated in the water sector.

Japan PM announces 500 billion Yen support in water sector in Asia Pacific Region

Mr. Kishida, in his speech at the summit-level meeting held on the first day, proposed the "Kumamoto Water Initiative," an assistance package focusing on the development of high-quality infrastructure in the water sector. The measures included in the initiative will be steadily implemented as part of efforts based on "New Capitalism," which makes solving social problems the engine of growth. "Under the new capitalism, we will simultaneously solve social issues and contribute to sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region through high-quality infrastructure development utilizing Japan's advanced technologies.”

According to the initiative, the goal is to develop and provide hybrid technologies that both adapt to and mitigate climate change. The initiative will make maximum use of dams, sewage systems, and agricultural facilities as part of a watershed flood control in which all stakeholders work together to reduce flood damage. Greenhouse gas emissions will also be reduced. The project will also focus on proposing the introduction of high-quality infrastructure through public-private collaboration. To improve the living environment, Japan will promote the development of water supply facilities that utilize advanced technologies such as IoT. The development of high-quality sanitation facilities will also be promoted.

The summit meeting adopted the "Kumamoto Declaration," which calls on countries to strengthen measures to prevent water-related disasters and improve the water environment. (2022/04/26)

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