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First specified skilled rebar workers from Vietnam arrive in Japan after one year delay due to Covid-19

11:59 | 21/05/2022

(Construction) - The first group of Vietnamese nationals who passed the specified skill evaluation test for rebar construction arrived in Japan and were welcomed with great fanfare at Kansai International Airport on April 25.

Their arrival has been delayed for nearly a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two Vietnamese arrived in Japan on April 22, and spent three days at an accommodation facility designated by the quarantine station. After testing negative for the disease, they officially left for the company called Takeda Construction in Kagawa Prefecture that they will work for.

First specified skilled rebar workers from Vietnam arrive in Japan after one year delay.

The Japan Association for Construction Human Resources, JAC, and the industry group of rebar workers, a member of JAC, have cooperated in the project. Twenty-four people took the test and 19 passed. However, due to the pandemic they were unable to enter Japan and had to wait for nearly a year in their home country.

Mr. Yoshiharu Takeda, chairman of Takeda Construction, who met the employees at the airport, enthusiastically welcomed them to Japan, saying, "We have been waiting for this day for a long time”. Both of them said, "It is like a dream to finally be able to come to Japan. I will do my best to live up to the expectations of the company.”

An executive of the industry group, which is also a registered support organization, welcomed them and said, "We were finally able to welcome the first group. While they were unable to enter the country, Chairman Takeda kept in regular contact with them via the web to deepen mutual understanding.” The remaining successful applicants will enter the country in order. According to the group, eight of its affiliated companies will accept the 16 newcomers. (2022/04/27)

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