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Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van hands over the master plan to Ha Long city

19:05 | 13/03/2023

(Construction) - On March 11, Quang Ninh province held a conference to announce the general planning of Ha Long city until 2040. Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van attended and handed over planning documents to the locality.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van hands over the master plan to Ha Long city
Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Cao Tuong Huy and representatives of Ha Long city at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tuong Van stated that, the sustainable development of Ha Long city is not only meaningful to the locality but also to the whole country, the Northern Delta region; it plays a particularly important role in socio-economic development, ensuring national security and defense.

In order to effectively implement according to the plan, Deputy Minister of Construction suggested that Quang Ninh province, Ha Long city and related units publicly and publicly should announce the plan, possibly in visual form for people to participate in monitoring and managing process.

The Ha Long city master plan to 2040 is the successor and development of the previous plans, on the basis of new thinking and vision, which are: Urban development according to the multi-polar model, Cua Luc bay is as the center to connect and expand the urban area to the North... From there, expanding the development space, ensuring the development space for the long-term on the basis of the philosophy based on three pillars: Nature, people and culture to build and develop Ha Long into a civilized and friendly service and tourism city, a national tourist service center with the international scale...

The new master plan will be opened up new opportunities, new resources, new motivations, as the tool for state management, a means of people's supervision and an investment choice to build and develop a city in a new level.

By Khanh Phuong


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