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Coordination strengthening in fire prevention and fighting between Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Public Security

10:52 | 05/05/2022

(Construction) - On April 29, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Construction coordinated with the Ministry of Public Security to organize a meeting to evaluate and review the guidance and coordination in implementing Directive No. 47/CT-TW of the Board of Secretary of the XI term on fire prevention and fighting.

Overview of the meeting.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung and Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Long both agreed that, the strengthening coordination in state management of fire prevention and fighting in the construction investment between the Ministry of Construction and The Ministry of Public Security was absolutely necessary to improve the effectiveness of state management in fire prevention and fighting, to ensure the stability of the social security and safety and to contribute to the development and deep integration of the country.

At the same time, it was requested that the functional organizations of the two ministries continue to coordinate in identifying, assessing specifically and properly determining the current situation and inadequacies from a management perspective for fire prevention and fighting; review and finalize legal documents as a basis for implementation.

The information exchange mechanism should be strengthened between functional organizations under the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Public Security in detecting and handling violations on fire prevention and fighting of investors during investment and construction works as well as in implementation.

By Khanh Phuong


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