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17 projects honored with green building in 2022

09:23 | 14/10/2022

(Construction) - On October 13, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry of Construction held a ceremony to award certificates and honor contributions to green construction. 17 projects were recognized as green buildings in 2022 and 16 organizations, businesses and individuals have made contributions to the development of green buildings in Vietnam.

17 projects honored with green building in 2022
One of the enterprises gets Lotus certificate.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Construction Le Quang Hung said: With the goal of reducing emissions of more than 74 million tons of CO2 in three areas: production of building materials, buildings and industrial processes, the Ministry of Construction Construction considered the development of green buildings as one of the important solutions to achieve the emission reduction target in the construction sector.

The ceremony of awarding certificates and honoring contributions to green building was an activity within the framework of green building week chaired by the Ministry of Construction. According to Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung, this was also an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange and share information, experiences, and cooperation for the common goal of further promoting the program of energy saving, efficient, green building development, energy self-balancing works, ensuring convenient conditions and users' health.

Mr. Sam Wood - Deputy Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Ho Chi Minh City noted that, the British Government was committed to helping Vietnam achieve net zero emissions reduction by 2050. Last time the British Embassy togethered with other units implemented projects and coordinated with the Ministry of Construction to make relevant recommendations. Over the past time, the British Government has also seen a public-private partnership between the two governments to achieve the goals set by Vietnam at COP26.

By Khanh Phuong


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