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Vietnamese technical interns continue training

14:54 | 17/12/2020

(Construction) - As the spread of COVID-19 has restricted international travels, Tokyo-based construction company Japan Pile Corporation is focusing on supporting the education of technical interns from Vietnam.

Because the trainees were unable to return home as scheduled due to the pandemic, the company continues the technical training and assistance for their daily life. The trainees also keep hard work everyday to improve their skills with forward-looking attitudes.

Vietnamese technical interns continue training

The company started accepting technical trainees in 2016 from Phan Vu Investment Corporation, an affiliated company that manufactures and constructs concrete piles in Vietnam. In October 2019, nine people arrived in Japan. Although the training period was until October this year, the current situation has not allowed them to return home. They have extended their work permit in Japan until February 2021.

30 year old Le Van Phuc, who is working as a maintenance technician of construction machinery, said, "I want to learn the skills before I return to Vietnam and I want to make construction machinery that will lead to more efficient construction." He left his wife and 4-year-old daughter in Vietnam and came to Japan alone, saying, "Sometimes I feel a little lonely away from my family." He says he talks to his family every day on the videophone. An executive of the company said, "Some of them were very disappointed when they couldn't go home. We would like to support them as much as we can so they can complete the training. " (2020/12/02)

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