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Urban Environment in Ho Chi Minh City strains to cope with the epidemic

15:39 | 29/08/2021

(Construction) – Following the trip in Dong Nai, On August 27, the Special Working Group of the Ministry of Construction led by Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung inspected the supply of clean water, flood control, waste collection and treatment in Ho Chi Minh City.

Field trip of Group.

On the field inspection, the Group had a good assessment of Sawaco's ability to meet clean water needs of the city. Sawaco has proactively taken preventive measures for transmission network failures, ensuring the continuous supply of clean water to serve the people. For the flood aspect, the Group appreciated the city’s initiative in flood control before the rainy season. After checking at the anti-flood pumping stations, the Group noted that the Flood Control Center should have a rescue plan if flood occurs. 

After the field trip in urban environment, the Group highly appreciated the employees of the Urban Environment Company, even in the social distance, they still work day and night to collect the urban waste. In the same day, the Group had worked with the Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City. Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung suggested that the Department should do well on specialized management issues, especially at this time, it is necessary to ensure the rapid implementation of unfinished field hospitals. The Deputy Minister also noted that to maintain the sufficient supply of services and technical infrastructure facilities for Ho Chi Minh City is very important in the context of social distance.

By Khanh Phuong


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