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University Autonomy starts from democracy and transparent in Hanoi Architectural University

17:09 | 18/09/2020

(Construction) - On September 17, at Hanoi Architectural University (HAU), the Opening Ceremony of the university year 2020-2021 took place and the construction of the 20-storey multi-purpose building was started.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Dinh Toan spoke at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, on behalf of the Party Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Le Quan overviews 2019-2020 year which took place in the context that the political and economic situation in the region and the world continued to have rapid and complicated developments, especially the emergence and outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic leading to the nagative impacts to educational and training activities of the construction industry in general and HAU in particular. However, under the leadership of the Party Committee, the University Board, mass organizations, officials, students who had united to overcome difficulties, successfully completing year 2019-2020 mission.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Le Quan, Rector of HAU summerized the report of year 2019-2020.

On behalf of the leaders of the Ministry of Construction, Deputy Minister Nguyen Dinh Toan congratulated the leaders, teachers and students of HAU on the occasion of the new year 2020-2021 and recognized that HAU is a prestigious architects training organization in the country, with a 51-year tradition. The efforts and success of the University have created a new spirit and nuance of Vietnam's higher education on the path of fundamental and comprehensive innovation under the guidelines of the Party and State.

The Deputy Minister suggested that the University Board of Directors should pay attention to care for the teaching staff in professional advanced training, communication, application and regular updating skills on information technology and language improvement.

Overview of the ceremony.

After the Ceremony, the guests, the entire staff, lecturers, and students continued to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the construction of the 20-storey multi-purpose building. Speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Arch. Le Quan said: “The appearance of the 20-storey multi-function building of HAU will replace the old facility built from 60s of the last century. This is also the solid foundation for the University to continue to successfully train and foster human resources for the construction industry to meet the development and integration requirements of the country ”.

The core participants conducted the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the 20-storey multi-purpose building project.

Speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony, Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Dinh Toan noted that, this is the key project of the university in the construction period 2020-2022, the Rector is the main responsibility that should comply with the law on basic construction.

The Construction Management Board (Ministry of Construction) and the University Construction Management Board must perform well the construction management to ensure the safety, quality and aesthetics of the building.

By Khanh Phuong


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