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Tra Vinh: Tieu Can town meets urban criteria of grade IV

11:07 | 01/10/2020

(Construction) - On September 29, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Construction conducted to appraise the proposal recognizing the expanded Tieu Can town, Tieu Can district, Tra Vinh province as a grade IV urban center.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van chaired the meeting.

At the meeting, the Project received many authentic and meaningful comments. Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van highlighted that the rate of urbanization in Tra Vinh province is not high compared to other provinces in the country, the province has few big cities but the provincial leaders have made efforts to develop urban areas in the future. The Ministry of Construction highly appreciated the proposal to recognize the expanded town of grade IV. Besides, Tieu Can town also needs to pay attention to the criteria of trees, water supply, infrastructure, transportation system ... to aim for the next goals in the future.

Finally, the Appraisal Council agreed the Project with an average score of 85.43 points.

By Khanh Phuong


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