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Tokyo Metro preparing online training for railway operators overseas

20:41 | 15/10/2021

(Construction) - Japanese subway operator Tokyo Metro is developing an educational business for employees of overseas transport providers.

The company held a three-day free online course in June to introduce its initiatives and know-how in various fields of urban railway operations. A total of 590 people from 34 countries all over the world participated in the course. Learning from the opinions of the participants on the contents of the lectures, Tokyo Metro is preparing the fee-based online seminars.

The company has accumulated overseas experience and expertise while working on urban railway planning and designing in Vietnam and the Philippines. It is also engaged in the human resources development of local officials as part of the JICA project, while building good relationships with overseas railroad operators.

Tokyo Metro preparing online training for railway operators overseas.

Taking advantage of the knowledge of safe and secure operations, the company is seeking to develop new businesses outside the country. As restrictions on international travel continue due to the pandemic, it is planning to offer online training.

In the free lecture in June, nine areas such as operation, sales, and engineering were explained in a five-minute lecture each. In addition to Q&A sessions, discussions with experts in each field were held via the chatting system.

A large number of participants were from the railroad industry, while those from government agencies and educational institutions also attended. By region, there were 12 countries from Asia Pacific, 14 from Europe, 3 from North and South America, 1 from Africa, and 4 from the Middle East. (2021/10/06)

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