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Toko Electrical Construction Set to Expand More Efficient Onshore Wind Turbine Construction

20:23 | 19/02/2023

(Construction) - Tokyo-based Toko Electrical Construction has established a one-stop shop system for the construction of onshore wind power plants, from transportation to assembly and installation of turbines.

TA Lift, a group company established in July 2020 by Toko Electrical Construction and Osaka-based heavy equipment transport company Achiha. The company leases tower cranes for turbine construction and is also involved in the construction of large wind turbine generators. By combining Toko’s experience in onshore wind power plant construction with Achiha's expertise in heavy equipment and heavy lifting of wind turbines, the company has a proven track record in tower crane rental for wind turbine construction.

Toko Electrical Construction Set to Expand More Efficient Onshore Wind Turbine Construction
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The tower crane for wind farm construction that the firm owns has a maximum working height of 140 meters and is one of the highest in Japan. Its maximum lifting capacity is 140 tons. No foundation work is required, and the crane can be installed in a space approximately 25 meters in diameter. It can be installed in a smaller space than conventional self-propelled cranes. The easy assembly and smaller footprint will reduce the area required for civil engineering and development work and improve efficiency, and will also enable the construction of large wind turbines in mountainous areas with harsh environments. 

Many wind turbines are reaching the 20-year mark of their design life, and the domestic wind power construction market is expected to see demand not only for new construction, but also for replacement of existing wind turbines. In the replacement market, high-tower wind turbines with a height of more than 110 meters are likely to be built in Japan. By utilizing the features of tower cranes, it will be possible to construct taller wind turbines.

The company has been using the tower crane for the construction of wind turbines with a capacity of 3.2 megawatts or less. The most recent application was in October 2022 at the site of the wind power plant in Esashi Town, Hokkaido. The project involves the replacement of 28 existing wind turbines of 750 kilowatts capacity with five new large wind turbines with 4.2 megawatts capacity.

The new wind turbines have a hub height of 98.3 meters and a rotor diameter of 117 meters. It took 6 to 7 days to transport and assemble the tower crane, and the construction of the large wind turbine finished in 7 to 10 days. The construction was completed in a shorter time than expected, which contributed to the reduction of working time and costs. (2023/02/01)

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