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Tokio Marine to build Japan’s largest wooden building in Tokyo

11:06 | 17/08/2022

(Construction) - Tokio Marine Holdings and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance have selected a group of companies to reconstruct the company’s former headquarters building in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

The group consists of Takenaka, Obayashi, Shimizu, Kajima, Taisei, and Toda. The new building will be the largest wooden building in Japan, with a total floor area of approximately 130,000 square meters. The amount of wood used in the building will be the largest in the world. The building will be designed by the firm headed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei. Construction will begin in December 2024 and is expected to be completed by March 2029.

Tokio Marine to build Japan’s largest wooden building in Tokyo.

The structure of the building will be combination of steel, wood and steel reinforced concrete with three basement levels, 20 floors above ground, and two tower floors, totaling 130,000 square meters. It will be approximately 100 meters high.

A seismic isolation structure will be adopted. Fire-resistant Japanese lumber will be used for columns and floors. According to the company, carbon dioxide emissions during construction can be reduced by about 30% compared to a typical building. The company hopes that the use of domestic timber will help revitalize the forestry industry in Japan. (2022/08/02)

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