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Taisei Corporation develops deep UV germicidal lighting for disinfection of hospitals and offices

16:24 | 03/05/2021

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation announced on April 27 that it has developed, in collaboration with lighting maker Endo Shomei, a space germicidal lamp that irradiates deep ultraviolet (DUV) light which has strong sterilizing power against viruses.

Deep UV germicidal lighting for disinfection of hospitals and offices.

The company has also developed a safety control system that checks whether people are in the room and irradiates DUV when they are not. The two technologies will be actively proposed to schools, hospitals, and businesses. The company has developed the T-LED DUV Light, a space sterilization lamp that uses DUV LED as its light source to sterilize viruses on the surface of toilets, office desks, computer keyboards, etc., and a system to safely irradiate the sterilization lamp. The T-LED DUV Light has a longer lifespan than conventional fluorescent germicidal lamps, and the equipment can be more compact.

The T-LED DUV Light has a longer lifespan than ordinary DUV germicidal lamps. At a ceiling height of 2.5 to 3.0 meters, the T-LED DUV Light can sterilize 99% of common bacteria and viruses after 2 to 3 hours of exposure to DUV. It is lightweight and can be fitted into ceilings of both new and existing buildings.

Since DUV is harmful to the human body, it should be irradiated when no one is present. The safety control system uses a human detection sensor developed by Taisei Corporation and other sensors to check the status of the room. After confirming the absence of the person, the system irradiates DUV.

To tackle the global pandemic of COVID-19,  the establishment and widespread use of technologies to prevent contact, droplet, and airborne infections has become an urgent issue. Conventionally, germicidal lamps have been used to prevent viral infections. However, germicidal lamps have a short lifespan, and the size of the equipment required for the lamps is large. (2021/04/28)

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