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Strengthen quality management of concrete electric poles in overhead power transmission works

16:04 | 03/10/2020

(Construction) - On October 2nd, the Ministry of Construction issued Document No. 4777 / BXD-GĐ on strengthening quality management of centrifugal reinforced concrete electric poles used in transmission line works. overhead power load.

Ministry of Construction requested to review and assess causes of power pole breakdown

Survey results showed that the medium and low voltage grid system nationwide used reinforced concrete electric poles, in which centrifugal reinforced concrete electric poles are invested and built by many different entities and took place in several stages. Current design standards and technical instructions are basically quite good. The failure of reinforced concrete electric poles was due to many causes.

On the basis of the results exchanged at the meeting, performing the function of uniform State management of the quality of construction works, the Ministry of Construction proposed the Ministry of Industry and Trade; The State Capital Management Committee at enterprises to guide the Vietnam Electricity considering and organizing the implementation of a number of related tasks as said in the Document mentioned earlier.

By Khanh Phuong


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