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Song Da Corporation's Party Congress: Identify tasks in 2020-2025 term

17:19 | 06/08/2020

(Construction) - On August 6th  Song Da Corporation - JSC conducted the official session of the 12th Congress, term 2020 – 2025. Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung was attended.

Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung presents flowers to celebrate the Congress.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tran Van Tuan - Deputy Secretary of the Corporation's Party Committee emphasized the key tasks of the Corporation's Party Committee, especially since officially moving to a new operating model - JSC.

At the Congress, the Party Executive Committee of Song Da Corporation for the term 2015-2020 reviewed the tasks in the XI term. With specific action plans, the Party Executive Committee has implemented and concretized the Resolutions and Instructions of the Senior Party Committee.

Mr. Pham Tien Cong - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Central Party Committee emphasized that the Corporation should continue to actively build the Party organization, especially the Advisory Boards with similar organizations. He also highly appreciated the spirit of self-criticism of the Party Committee of Song Da Corporation. However, he requested the Party Committee to seriously draw on the experiences to build the operation program in the next term. With challenges in the context of the world and the country still many challenges, in order to successfully implement the goals in the next term, the goals should be set clearly and emphasized the need to focus on continuously improving the capacity of the Party organization, reforming the organization of the Party with the democratic focus and so on.

By Khanh Phuong


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