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Smart city development requires to start with smart planning

22:33 | 22/10/2020

(Construction) - In the framework of "ASEAN Smart Cities Summit and Expo 2020", co-chaired by the Central Economic Committee and the Ministry of Construction in Hanoi, on the morning of October 22, the workshop was took place “Smart cities planning and management in urbanization and development strategy”.

The workshop was attended by a large number of domestic and international experts, especially representatives from 26 member cities of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN).

A number of international speakers speak at the seminar in online format.

Speaking at the opening, Deputy Minister Nguyen Tuong Van commented: Successful experiences of many countries showed that aiming to make the city smarter, we should need to start with smart planning, building tools. to manage urban development on the basis of planning and the integration of these contents into the Urbanization Strategy.

Deputy Minister expected: Through the intuitive and specific presentations within the framework of the workshop, ASCN member countries and cities can draw valuable experiences and lessons for their own development.

The delegates took souvenir photos.

The workshop also focused on discussing other issues such as concerns and prioritization to resolve in the coming period in the context of digital services and the fast-growing digital economy and related issues. 

By Khanh Phuong


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