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Record-breaking typhoon wrecked infrastructure in wide area

10:47 | 29/10/2019

(Construction) - Due to record heavy rain caused by Typhoon Hagibis, infrastructure was damaged extensively in Tokai, Kanto Koshin, Tohoku and Hokuriku. Various infrastructure such as rivers dikes, roads, railways, ports, buildings, and sewerage systems were wreked.

The typhoon caused embankment collapse at multiple locations, spreading flood damage. Mr. Kazuyoshi Akaba, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said, “Construction of a temporary embankment as soon as possible and the elimination of inundation is the most important first step toward the recovery of life and dwelling,” and instructed to make every possible effort to respond to the emergency.

The typhoon brought a large and record heavy rain. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a “heavy rain special warning” on October 12th and 13th in 13 prefectures, the highest number ever, calling for the highest level of alert for heavy rain disasters once in several decades.

According to the MLIT, as of 5:00 am on the 15th, there were 66 river dike breaks in 47 rivers. Minister Akaba said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting on Octber 15 “emergency restoration at the state-managed rivers has already begun and we want to finish it as soon as possible.”

The number of drain pump trucks dispatched by the ministry has been increased to 200 to tackle flood damage in a wide area. The water has been drained at 40% of the total 950 ha flooded area near Chikumagawa River in Nagano Prefecture, where the JR East Nagano Shinkansen bullet train yard has been also experienced severe flooding.

Landslides also occurred in multiple areas. As of 5:00 am on the 15th, 146 cases were seen in 19 prefectures. As the survey is still underway, the number of cases is likely to increase in the future. 

The Daily Engineering and Construction New 2019/10/16


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