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New complex showcasing Japanese Pop Culture opens in Saitama prefecture

19:56 | 22/11/2020

(Construction) - Japanese publishing house KADOKAWA completed and opened the multi-purpose development "Tokorozawa Sakura Town" on November 6th in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture.

It features the “COOL JAPAN FOREST Concept” that aims to improve the attractiveness of the area by appealing Japanese modern popular culture such as Anime and video games. The company intends to make best use of the museum, the concert hall and the hotel in the complex to showcase the latest pop culture.

new complex showcasing japanese pop culture opens in saitama prefecture
New complex showcasing Japanese Pop Culture opens in Saitama prefecture

"In-person experience is indispensable to enjoy the culture deeply even in the digital era. We hope to contribute to the development of industries such as tourism and transportation through the facility," said President of KADOKAWA Masaki Matsubara at the opening ceremony.

Tokorozawa Sakura Town is divided into three areas. Kadokawa Musashino Museum, the design of which was supervised by architect Kengo Kuma, is the cultural complex consisting of the library and the art galleries. The event space "Japan Pavilion" has two concert halls with the total capacity of 1600 people. The experience-based hotel "EJ Anime Hotel" has 33 guest rooms and restaurants that feature the world of Anime and video games. Big screens and full-scale audio equipment are installed in the guest rooms. The 84,000 square-meter facility with two basement floors and five above ground was constructed by contractor Kajima. (2020/11/09)

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