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More than $120 million to be spent on Quảng Ngãi wastewater treatment system

17:32 | 06/01/2020

QUẢNG NGÃI - The southern central province of Quảng Ngãi plans to invest VNĐ2.8 trillion (US$121.2 million) in a wastewater treatment system from 2020 to 2025.

The new system is expected to treat more than 70 per cent of Quảng Ngãi Province’s urban areas. — Photo for illustration. Photo

The system is expected to collect and process at least 70 per cent of the province’s urban wastewater at 14 treatment plants. Wastewater pipelines and pumping stations will also be constructed. 

Quảng Ngãi Province People’s Committee has approved the project’s first phase in Quảng Ngãi City with an investment of VNĐ300 billion ($12.9 million).

The province has suffered severe pollution for years. Local residents living around Quảng Phú Industrial Zone in Quảng Ngãi City have complained several times about untreated wastewater being discharged directly into nearby streams.

The MD Solid Waste Treatment Plant in Đức Phổ District, in February 2019 was reported to have received trash to process while the plant's construction has not been totally completed and emission standards not met, negatively impacting people’s health and triggering public uproar.In October 2019, local authorities announced the removal of the plant after it treated some 22,500cu.m of solid waste but still the local residents disagreed with the decision.



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