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Ministry of Construction informs about reasons to delay in moving factories out of inner city

09:51 | 05/06/2021

(Construction) - Recently, the Ministry of Construction has sent an official reply to the voters of Hanoi City about the proposal to relocate factories, production enterprises, universities and hospitals out of the inner city.

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The relocation of factories, production enterprises, universities and hospitals from the inner city to the suburbs aims to overcome environmental pollution and reduce traffic jams in the inner city which considered very necessary. However, the planning is not being implemented so far.

The Ministry of Construction explained for the delayed relocation due to some reasons such as: There are changes in guidelines, policies and laws related to affecting the progress of planning and relocation projects; the implementation process encountered many difficulties in mobilizing resources and allocating capital sources for implementation while relocation requires huge budget; lack of active coordination of relevant organizations.

By Khanh Phuong


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