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Minister Pham Hong Ha: recovery and handling projects causing public frustration

16:38 | 09/11/2020

(Construction) - The hanging plans negatively affects to people's lives, Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha analyzed the causes and introduced many radical solutions to strictly deal with the situation.

On the morning of November 9, the National Assembly held the plenary session to continue the questioning and listening sessions on the implementation of the resolutions of the National Assembly. Minister Pham Hong Ha participated in the session to question the opinions of National Assembly deputies.

Minister Pham Hong Ha at the event November 9

There were 2 main topics the Minister answered in the event: (1) The hanging plans and the delay in granting land use rights in urban projects and apartment complexes; (2) Some developers suspended to grant land use rights and home ownership to people when buying houses.

According to Minister Pham Hong Ha, to improve the above problems, it is necessary to implement some more radical solutions such as adjusting the provisions of law on house and construction works acceptance and supplement some points of Decree on real estate business.

By Khanh Phuong


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