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Minister Pham Hong Ha chaired meeting of Steering Committee for Safe Water Supply Project

09:44 | 01/03/2019

(Construction) - On February 28, 2019 at the headquarter of the Ministry of Construction, Minister Pham Hong Ha chaired the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the project of safe water supply in the Mekong Delta.

Minister Pham Hong Ha at the Conference

Representatives of the Working Group presented 05 water supply plans for the Mekong Delta region within the framework of the project to get consultation of the Steering Committee on project scope, priority investment, technical plans, institutional organizational management models and some recommendations on policy mechanisms.

Based on the report of consultants and suggestions of the Minister Pham Hong Ha, representatives of relevant ministries, branches and provincial People's Committees in the project have talked about many contents including concerns about the project's financial plan.

Speaking at the conference, Minister Pham Hong Ha highly appreciated opinions of delegates on the need to implement this project, considering as a security issue and the responsibilities of the government and localities. Water supply must be implemented in the worst scenario of climate change affecting this region in the future.

Overview of the conference

Minister Pham Hong Ha requested the working group to study more raw water supply for the provinces to inherit the existing clean water facilities of the localities, calculate specific financing plans. key to minimizing clean water prices; clearly demonstrating the inheritance and connection of local water supply systems, connecting the water supply system to the irrigation system; study the project scale in accordance with water supply requirements and the ability to mobilize investment capital, propose specific investment incentives and incentives ...

By Khanh Phuong


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