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Minister Pham Hong Ha answeres questions to National Assembly about social housing

13:11 | 07/11/2020

Construction) - On the morning of November 6, at the National Assembly hall, answering questions from National Assembly deputies about social housing and house for low-income people, Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha clarified many issues emphasizing radical solutions to promote social housing development in the coming years.

Minister Pham Hong Ha answeres questions to National Assembly about social housing.

Minister Pham Hong Ha emphasized at the event, currently the demand for social housing is huge, according to the calculation by 2020, we need about 12.5 million m2 for social housing.

Implementing the policy with great efforts of localities, 5.2 million m2 of social housing have been built, of which 2, 2 for low-income people in urban areas, 8 million m2 and 2.3 million m2 for workers in the industrial park. However, the results are still low compared to the requirements.

Minister Pham Hong Ha also said: “In the coming time, the Government and the Prime Minister have issued many directions, including a number of solutions that have been implemented. Specifically, we have issued a national technical regulations that regulate the minimum self-contained apartment area of 45m2 and this has created a very favorable work for investors to arrange apartments in the social housing projects in general as well as urban infrastructure housing projects in particular.

By Khanh Phuong


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