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Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi: Accelerate the development of housing for workers in Dong Nai

22:37 | 17/11/2021

(Construction) - On November 16, the delegation of the Ministry of Construction led by Minister Nguyen The leading Thanh Nghi had a meeting with the People's Committee of Dong Nai province.

Overview of the meeting

The Minister acknowledged that the positive results that the construction industry of Dong Nai has made in recent years. Its results had contributed to the development of Dong Nai in particular and the country in general.

However, the Minister also noted that the housing only meets 40%, so Dong Nai should pay more attention and speed up, especially housing for workers. With that situation, the Minister assigned the Department of Planning and Architecture to research and come up with a design model of housing for workers to optimize investment costs.

The Ministry will work with Dong Nai to review regulations and standards on housing for workers and social housing in order to remove difficulties and inadequacies, synchronize regulations and become more realistic in meeting the housing needs of workers.

By Khanh Phuong


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