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Meaning of Lunar New Year you should know

21:56 | 27/01/2020

(Construction) - The meaning of Lunar New Year is extremely sacred and important, but it seems that not everyone knows its true meaning.

Lunar New Year is for reunion.

Introduction to Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, also known as Tet, Traditional New Year is the largest and most important holiday of the Vietnamese nation.

Lunar New Year usually comes later than Western New Year.

Lunar New Year usually comes later than New Year. The first day of the Lunar New Year is never before January 21 of the Gregorian calendar and after February 19 of the Gregorian calendar but usually falls between late January and mid-February of the solar calendar. calendar. The entire Lunar New Year usually lasts from 7-8 days at the end of the old year and 7 days of the beginning of the new year (ie from 23 December - the end of January 7).

The meanings of Lunar New Year are very humane and profound

Lunar New Year is a big and important holiday for Vietnamese people so far this is considered to be the happiest, busiest and warmest period in a year. Because Lunar New Year is an important occasion for the beginning, so many beliefs, luck, and sincere wishes and prayers, Lunar New Year brings a lot of humane and profound meanings. more than other holidays of the year.

Lunar New Year is the day of harmony between heaven and earth, people and gods

Tet is considered to be a good day, so one of the meanings of Lunar New Year is the occasion of harmony between heaven and earth, people and gods. Therefore, many people believe that their meanings, wishes or actions will be heard, understood, and blessed by all the gods and gods by themselves and their families. Because of that, during Lunar New Year, people often do a lot of good deeds such as giving new clothes, sharing food, helping the poor, people in difficult circumstances ...

Lunar New Year is the day to reunite, love and harmony

Lunar New Year is special event of Vietnamese (photo: internet).

Lunar New Year is always one of the longest holiday occasions of the year, so people often put aside their work to go back to visit their families as well as gather and gather together after long periods of time away. how to eat rice noodles or reels spin hustle, strenuous of daily life. Moments of family members are precious and sacred, making the meaning of Chinese New Year so happy!

Not only that, Lunar New Year is also an opportunity for everyone to express their love of harmony, care, protection for each other and together send sincere, best wishes for each other. And of course, on such warm Tet days, both adults and children limit their hostility and quarrels to create the most complete and harmonious space. Entering a new year means everything is also new, so the contradictions should be ignored and replaced by love and warmth to exchange friendly, harmonious.

Lunar New Year is about the source and thanksgiving

Not only Lunar New Year, but it seems that there are always thanksgiving days for the ancestors and towards the roots like the death anniversary of the 10th March ... But according to the customs and traditions of our nation, before the New Year comes In the last days of the year, the family of the people have a custom of going to the graves of the deceased. Then on New Year's Eve, on the altar of ancestors always suspected smoke smoke to express the gratitude of descendants for those who have died. In particular, in Lunar New Year, the altar is always full of jam, fruit, cakes, fruits to pay homage, piety which has long been from the people of our nation.

Lunar New Year is also the day to receive fortune

A meaning of Lunar New Year that few people know, it is the day of fortune. Because many people believe that the coming New Year is also the day when Mr. Than Tai (Mr. Talent) knocks at every door to give money, prosperity and prosperity. Therefore, people always take advantage of this occasion to open the gate to welcome the wealth in. Most families often open their doors all day to welcome joy, excitement and hope for money is always full.

Lunar New Year is a day of luck, optimism and hope, starting a new year

A lot of people think that the first days of the new year are lucky and good days and that luck always blends with the petals of the peach petals, the bright yellow of apricot flowers or the young green leaves or in the fruit tray. So a lot of people go out to gather in New Year's Eve.

By Khanh Phuong


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