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Japan’s Taisei develops technologies for ZEB renovation

19:09 | 13/03/2023

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation has two new technologies for Green Renewal ZEB, a project to transform existing buildings into net-zero energy buildings through renovation.

The thin radiant air conditioning ducts” and the high-insulation window system will be applied to the Kansai Branch office in Osaka City and the Yokohama Branch office in Yokohama City), which are currently undergoing renovation.

Japan’s Taisei develops technologies for ZEB renovation
Japan’s Taisei develops technologies for ZEB renovation
Japan’s Taisei develops technologies for ZEB renovation

The high insulation window system called “T-Green DI Window” is a double-pane window with an inner casement on the interior side. The system utilizes the dynamic insulation effect, in which indoor air is ventilated inside the double-pane window, and the amount of heat entering from the outside through the window glass is discharged along with the ventilation. The system significantly reduces the amount of heat entering the room, improves thermal insulation, and is expected to reduce the air conditioning load by improving the thermal environment near the windows.

The “T-Green Radiant Duct” is a thin radiant air conditioning duct with approximately 100 mm thick that can be installed under the ceiling, instead of the conventional cold/hot water radiant system that uses cold/hot water pipes along the radiant panels. The system is a combination of air conditioning ducts and radiant panels that can be converted to radiant air conditioning by branching off existing ducts.

As the need for ZEB increases in both new and existing buildings, the company will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by developing technologies that can be adapted to all conditions. (2023/02/27)

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